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WPDSA Online Driver's Education Classroom Program
If you are having an issue with a unit, please first check the notes below.  

If you are unable to resolve the issue, please fill out and submit a Unit Problem Report.

Please keep in mind that investigating and resolving issues may take a few days.

To report a problem with a unit, please click on link below:
Unit Problem Report

General Issues with the Program (Firewall setting)

The very first thing you should do to correct an issue with the program is to:


Turning off the device's firewall may correct most issues students are having with the WPDSA Online Program running properly.  If the device has a HIGH firewall setting, this will cause issues with the program running properly.  You may receive server errors and/or may not receive the COMPLETE button at the end of the unit.

Firewall settings may also affect the video downloads and video display.

Be sure to turn the firewall back on after exiting the WPDSA Online Program.

If turning off the firewall does not correct or improve the issue, then continue reading below.

Accessing the program.

If the student is unable to access the program, it is mainly due to the student using the incorrect username and/or password.  

* First verify with the school the correct username and password.

The most common reasons for the student's username and password not working are:

   1.  The student did not use the HYPHEN in the username.
   2.  The student did not use CAPITAL letters when entering the password.
   3.  The student is logging in from the incorrect log-in area.

The system only allows for three (3) incorrect attempts.  

Remember, if the student is on the BETA system, they must use the GREEN program access area.  If the student is using the main program, they must use the PURPLE program access area.

Server Error:  Incorrect Syntax Near '='.

If you are receiving: Server Error: Incorrect Syntax Near '='., it indicates that the student's email address that they provided does not match.  Receiving this error means that the person that entered the information on the main registration form and the program sign-up form entered different email addresses in the “Student’s Email Address” field on each form.  As the instructions explain, you MUST enter the same email address on each form for the system to allow you access.

To correct the issue, you must notify the driving school you are registered with about the issue and determine which email address the system needs to use.

Recieving server error messages.

Student using the main program at times may receive server error messages.  The main reasons for these messages are:

 1.  The student took too long to complete the unit.  Each unit has a timer of 45 minutes.  After 45 minutes the system will automatically log the student out and show a SERVER ERROR MESSAGE page.  The reason for the timer is to keep student from logging on and then do other things.

 2.  The student did not log on correctly and then attempted to complete units.  This is to prevent the student from completing several units without being logged on correctly.

 3.  The student logged on using a bookmarked page other than the main page at  The system is set up this way on purpose to make sure the student logs in correctly to receive proper credit for units completed and to be sure the student is using the most current version of the program.

When a student receives a server error message, it is best to have the student log off the program, close the browser window and then re-open the browser window and log on again from the main page at:

Unit video will not play.

If a unit video does not work or play for the student, the reasons may be:

 1.  The student is using a school issued Chrome book that has not been authorized to run the WPDSA Online program.  To resolve this issue, the student needs to take the school issued Chrome book in to the school and have them authorize both websites the WPDSA Online program uses.   and

If the video box says "Unsupported Video" or turns off after approx. 4 secs, this is normally due to the school issued device not being authorized to view the WPDSA Online program.

 2.  The student's device needs to be restarted or refreshed.  Seeing that the units are in video format which are larger files, the device can only hold so much information at one time.  If you fill the device's memory, it is unable to download or store any other data.  Normally shutting the device down and then restarting it will clear the memory and allow for content to download.

 3.  The student is using a web browser that does not support the video format.  The main program videos are MP4 in format.  The student may need to download an application that allows for viewing MP4 format videos.  The BETA system videos are YouTube format so the student needs to have an application to view YouTube videos on their device.  Please keep in mind that not all devices are set up to view MP4 and/or YouTube video format videos.

4.  The device's firewall settings do not permit the video to download and/or play.  Turn off the device's firewall to see if that corrects the issue.

Which web browser works best with the program?

The WPDSA Online program works best using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  For some reason, the program does not like to work well with Chrome and Firefox.  It is not an issue with the program but an issue with the Chrome and Firefox browser refreshing themselves often which then messes with the unit timing part of the program.

The WPDSA Online program is built using Microsoft software.  That is why it seems to work best with IE or Edge.

Completed button does not appear at the end of the unit.

If the COMPLETED button does not appear at the end of the unit, it is mainly due to:

 1.  The student is not waiting long enough for the COMPLETED button to appear.  Most units are set to have the COMPLETED button appear after the unit has played between 30 and 37 minutes.  This is to keep the student from logging on and then immediately clicking on the COMPLETED button.  Some units may take up to 37 minutes before the COMPLETED button appears.

 2.  The student did not log in correctly.  If the student did not log in correctly and did get to the unit’s page, the COMPLETED button will not appear because the system thinks the person that is taking the unit is not authorized to receive credit for completing the unit.  We have the system set up to allow the student to go back and review completed units.

3.  The firewall setting on the device may be preventing the COMPLETED button from appearing at the end of the unit.  Turn off the device's firewall to see if that corrects the issue.

The student is unable to progress to the next unit.

If the student is unable to progress to the next unit, the main reasons would be:

 1.  The student did not successfully complete the previous unit by not clicking on the COMPLETED button at the end of the unit.  If the student does not click on the COMPLETED button at the end of each unit, the system will not allow the student to progress to the next unit.  This feature of the program keeps student from skipping units like the BETA system.

2.  The student reached the maximum number of units per day of four (4).  WI State Statutes only allow for the completion of up to 4 units per day.  At this time, if the student goes back and reviews a unit and clicks on the COMPLETED button after re-doing a unit, the system will count that as one (1) unit completed that day.

If the student is able to proceed to the next unit, then the previous unit has been recorded as completed.
I did not receive an email after completing a unit.

The default setting for the program is to send an email to the student and driving school after the student has:

- filled out and submitted the program sign-up form.
- completed Unit 01.
- completed and submitted Unit 30.
- completed and submitted Unit 60.

If you did not receive an email after any of the above, then the system most likely does not have the correct email address.  If you are not receiving emails after the above, please fill out a Unit Problem Report asking to verify the email address on file with the system. Please be sure to include the correct email address that notifications should be sent to.

The driving school you are registered with decides if an email will be sent after only the above listed times or if an email will be sent after the completion of each unit.

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